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Spokane Home Idea Show

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Location: Spokane Fair & Expo Center
DAtes: October 6-8,2023

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Time and again we are told by discriminating exhibitors that a quality consumer show like the Spokane Home Idea Show is the most effective use of their advertising and promotion dollar. We think you will agree this can be true of your company. We have answered some of the most asked questions from potential exhibitors as follows:


Why Should My Company Exhibit?

Consumer trade shows, such as the Spokane Home Idea Show allow you to take advantage of many benefits that combined, are not offered in any other media.


  • The opportunity for buyer and seller to meet 

  • face to face.

  • Potential buyers get a hands-on experience with your product or service.

  • A qualified audience with specific interests who attend the show to learn about products and services available.

  • The opportunity to reach people who are not ordinarily accessible to you.

  • A place where potential buyers can discuss their unique problems with your trained professionals.


What Should My Company Expect?

Our job, as show producers, is to attract well qualified attendees to the show. Your job is to attract as many attendees as possible to your exhibit. This is accomplished by setting objectives, careful planning and follow through. You may choose one or several of the following objectives to concentrate on.


  • To make sales.

  • To make initial contact with potential buyers.

  • To create an image for present and potential customers.

  • To introduce new or existing product or service.

  • To relate to the competition.

  • To conduct market research.


Our Extensive Advertising Includes

A Media-Mix of... Newspaper, Television, Radio... with remotes from the show, thousands of discount tickets…and more.



How to Reserve Space

Simply return the enclosed application/agreement form and deposit, indicating the space you prefer with alternate choices. Should you have any questions, please call.


Draped Display Booths

All booths are draped. Back drape is 8 ft. high, side drapes are 3 ft. high. Each exhibit space has one 110v 500 watt electrical outlet. For counters, bar stools, carpet, etc please contact LCD Expo Services (509) 325-9656.


Booth Rates

Booths start at $600 and go up depending on size. Please refer to the registration form for details.


NOTE: The arrangement of the booths has been designed to allow as many corner booths as 

possible. A corner booth allows you 20 linear ft. of frontage. A double booth allows you 40 linear ft. of frontage on two aisles.


April 12, 13 &14, 2024
Spokane Convention Center

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